Do you Travel Light?

I recently asked someone “Do you Travel Light ?” They paused, looked at me, looked away, and said “Yes, I like to lose a few pounds before I go on a vacation.” Perfect…. Almost what I was getting to.” Do you Travel Light?”, to... Review by Phil Cooper

Being a Non “Tech” Person, I often struggle with tech. I recently discovered In the past, I’ve used Canva, but today I was having trouble uploading pictures to modify for Instagram. I’d heard of FotoJet and figured I’d give it...

Why Blog?

Why Blog? I used to ask myself that question… Then I knew why and I still didn’t blog… But after meeting with Ray Higdon one day, I decided to jump in. I started with one of Ray’s products, and the rest is history.. Choose Green Energy Get...

5 mistakes I will NEVER make again!

I’ve learned of 5 mistakes I will NEVER make again. I recently listened to a lesson from a top earner in my profession. He shared with me his experience on a morning wake up call. Steven Rachel is a veteran of the industry for many years and it was great to hear...

Why does the Universe send us Resistance?

Have you ever been cruising along, then, whack!!! The Universe throws a problem(resistance) our way…I recently learned why the Universe does this, from my mentor, Bob Quintana, whom learned this lesson from Tony Robbins Choose Green Energy Get Value? I started...

What really is an attitude of Gratitude?

Sometimes, it feels like the waves of life are crashing down on us…This is why it is so important to have a proper mind set. One of the MOST important things in mind set, is to have an attitude of Gratitude. Especially if you’d like to use the Law of...

Are you obsessed with reaching your goals?

Has anyone ever told you that obsession was a bad thing? Whomever said it, probably doesn’t have a history of reaching their goals.  Are you obsessed with reaching your goals? I am obsessed with reaching my goals. And according to Grant Cardone, in his book...

How to Generate Referrals

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often thought about and tried to figure out, how to generate referrals. For many years, I owned and operated an asphalt paving and maintenance company. When the economy tanked, referrals kept me in business. Over the...

Why Network Marketing?

We’ve all heard the stories of Network marketing. Many of us have been trained to cringe at those words. Usually, the stories most people hear about, are of the people that did not succeed. Not usually of the people you know, that are succeeding at network...

Choose Green Energy

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