The Happiness Advantage…. How to take it..

One of the biggest train wrecks about Americans — or really any “first-worlders,” I guess — is their complete inability to understand the need to take a vacation, this significantly affects their happiness. In a given year, Americana leaves about 430 million vacation...

Top Beach Destinations

With the upcoming launch of Travel Light, I’m starting to plan some winter vacations and I’m looking at top beach destinations. I sat down and researched top beach destinations and this is what I found. Cancun Mexico. This is also one of my personal...

Why Choose Sustainability?

Why should you choose Sustainability? Simple, do you love your family? Do you want your children and your grandchildren to enjoy life on Earth the way we know it? If so, it’s time to make some choices. Here is some eye opening evidence of our impact on mother...

Do You Struggle With Attrition in Business?

Are you like millions of other business owners and struggle with attrition in business? The fact is, 8 out of every 10 people who join your business will quit. This is difficult for EVERYONE that has a business and this also happens to everyone, even the rockstars out...

Do you Travel Light?

I recently asked someone “Do you Travel Light ?” They paused, looked at me, looked away, and said “Yes, I like to lose a few pounds before I go on a vacation.” Perfect…. Almost what I was getting to.” Do you Travel Light?”, to... Review by Phil Cooper

Being a Non “Tech” Person, I often struggle with tech. I recently discovered In the past, I’ve used Canva, but today I was having trouble uploading pictures to modify for Instagram. I’d heard of FotoJet and figured I’d give it...

Why Blog?

Why Blog? I used to ask myself that question… Then I knew why and I still didn’t blog… But after meeting with Ray Higdon one day, I decided to jump in. I started with one of Ray’s products, and the rest is history.. Choose Green Energy Get...

Choose Green Energy

Get Value? I started this home business to spend more time with my kids and be a better father. 3 boys are expensive to raise so I needed to create another revenue stream. Help me by Saving MONEY on your ENERGY AND TRAVEL costs with me. Help stop Air Pollution! Choose Sustainable Living. And Support me! Thank you


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